Welcome to Evebot

Evebot was founded by Lee, who had been working for a military research institute. We do not tell stories. We do real things. We believe that anyone will be able to print anything at any place we love. That’s why EVEBOT was founded, to provide our customers high-quality, affordable and user-friendly printers.

With a bunch of talented engineers from printing technology, industrial design, and software development, we respect and value creative engineering. We focus on innovation and research of surface inkjet and printing technology, determined to fill the gaps in the domestic inkjet printing technology field, and launched inkjet printer and robot related products. 

Evebot started in 2017, and we released our first product, Evebot Coffee Printer, which was very popular worldwide.We are always user-centric and provide a great consumer product experience.

In 2019, we successfully launched our second product, Evebot PrintPen, on Kickstarter, which raised nearly 0.5M USD.We admit that our products are not perfect and there is still a lot of work to be done. We believe, with our effort, passion and expertise, Evebot consumers are able to print their ideas anytime at any place they want.