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The world's leading Selfie Coffee Drink Printer

We ship to every country in the world for free

  • For cafes, bars, hotels and more
  • For all foamy drinks and food
  • A variety of models for you to choose from

Give your customers a unique experience!

Whether in a café, restaurant or event, catch people's attention, surprise and delight them.

We ship to every country in the world for free

  • With free cartridges

  • Free shipping to all countries

  • For all foamy drinks and food

Print Anything

  • Be Bold And Get Noticed!

    I love this cup of coffee! That people will love sharing and documenting the moment!

  • For Festivals And Theme Parties!

    Let the sound of wow fill this party!

  • Print Anything

    Coffee, beer, milkshakes, cocktails and even toast, macarons can now become a canvas for any message or designs.


New product launch!

The handheld printer "PrintInd" equipped with solvent-based permanent ink cartridges will be launched soon, so stay tuned!

Celebrate Mother's Day!

Nothing says Mother's Day more than one of our personalized drinks!

Special Blessing

Happy holidays to someone as sweet as this cake! May your day be filled with love, laughter and many beautiful moments.
You can use food-grade PrintPen to print holiday or birthday wishes on cakes!

Food customization

Food-grade PrintPen helps you easily print logos and images onto a variety of food products. PrintPen use the latest inkjet technology to quickly print on a variety of surfaces including biscuits, cakes, chocolate and more. Whether you're using it in a store, restaurant, or event, it's easy to get things done.

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Bring virality to your brand

Companies we serve

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The color printer is a game changer. It is super easy to use and people are always amazed. It has helped us grow our business and I want to buy more. It is truly fantastic.

Mario Idrovo (Barista Mario)

The guests were pleasantly surprised when they saw the pattern, which made an ordinary cup of coffee more interesting. Because of the vividness and authenticity of the pattern, punching in and taking pictures is also top-notch!

Hong Kong Ben's Canteen

Frequently Asked Questions


What countries do you ship to?

We support shipping to most countries in the world, if you do not find your country on the checkout page, please contact us.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Standard shipping normally takes 5-7 working days. International shipping times depend on the products and destination. (Due to local holidays, there may be delays)

About ink cartridges

What is the composition of the ink and is it safe?

Edible ink: The main ingredients are food coloring and water, odorless, and certified by FDA, Kosher and Halal.

Skin-friendly ink: Same as edible ink.

Industrial ink: It is divided into standard ink and solvent-based quick-drying ink. The main component is industrial alcohol, which is not edible.

Can I refill the ink myself?

The ink cartridge is independently developed by our company, so it does not support ink refilling when it is used up.
1. It involves food safety.
2. The ink cartridge is small, if there is no professional equipment to replenish the ink, it is easy to damage the chip.